Be Smart Electrical provide periodic inspection and testing to your exit emergency lighting systems to provide you with the peace of mind that your school, business or commercial site is complying with the code.

Emergency lights must be inspected and tested every 6 months (AS 2293:2:1995)

Any Emergency Evacuation lighting system shall be inspected and maintained in accordance to procedures specified in AS / NZS 2293:2:1995. Inspection and testing procedures shall be carried out at intervals of not greater than six months.

Emergency Lighting Testing Brisbane

A check should be made to ensure that no interruption to the normal supply has taken place for a period of at least 16 hours prior to conducting a discharge test.

Complete and / or verify accuracy of new or existing asset register / log book and enter all relevant and required details.

Check and complete visual inspection of all existing equipment to ascertain that charge circuits, indicators and fluorescent tubes and bulbs are functioning correctly and free from defects to ensure accurate test results.

Exit Light Testing

Operate the luminaries from their battery supply by simulating a power failure from local electrical distribution board. All luminaries shall remain illuminated for not less than the required in service duration (90 minutes minimum for existing systems). All repairs will be repaired if you require.

Restore system to normal mains operation cycle upon completely discharging the system and enter test results in. Insure all existing Luminaries are on standby mode.

Clean light emitting surfaces and light diffusers as required.

Emergency Exit Lighting Installation