Thank you for your continued support during the Coronavirus crisis. It’s a very stressful time for everyone and, we understand your concern in letting trades
come into your Business. Like you, it is as unsettling for us as well.

Please be rest assured that all our staff are following strict sanitisation
procedures before entering any premises and again on leaving. This will be
done for our safety and yours.

We will be wearing the required PPE this may include gloves, masks,
googles, washing and sanitising our hands and obeying the Social distance
rule of 1.5.meters.

We do ask that if you or anyone else in the property are unwell and could
potentially have COVID-19 (difficulty breathing, coughing, cold like symptoms)
or been in contact with anyone with a suspected case of COVID-19 that you
advise Us Prior To Arrival.

Be Smart Electrical Team