• Cut or damaged power leads
  • External damage on item
  • Cables not anchored or susceptible to damage by sharp metal
  • Inadequate insulation resistance due to a build up of moisture
  • Insulation tape used to cover up cuts in leads
  • Safety guard and cover not operating or bypassed
  • Switches and control knobs not operating

Common Electrical Faults

Plug-in Items

  • 15 Amp earth pin ground to 10 Amp
  • Active and neutral reversed not reused
  • No earth wire in extension leads
  • Rubber guard on supply lead at appliance end broken
  • Plugs or sockets of incorrect rating eg. a 15 Amp Welder with a 10 Amp plug
  • Melted and damaged plug and socket tops

Common Electrical Faults

Water Jugs & Urns

Failure of the safety cut-out device on water jugs and urns is the most common reason these appliances cause fires. Another problem is, as the electrics are normally located underneath the water reservoir any leaks will allow water to reach them, possibly casuing a fire.

Extension Leads

Extension leads exposed to moisture at a point well away from the power socket can cause a fire back at the socket. If extension leads are exposed to an outdoor enviroment, rain water can run back along the lead and reach the power socket and cause a fire.

Common Electrical Faults