Decrease your chances of an electrical fire with these helpful steps.

  1. Never overload an electrical power point with extension cords or double adapters. If you need to plug a lot of things into a single power point, use a powerboard with an overload cut out.
  2. Never run power leads or extension leads, under carpets or rugs, over nails, in traffic areas, or where there is chance of water.or any liquid substance.
  3. Don’t misuse extension leads. Never use a standard household extension lead for a major appliance or a heat-producing appliance; instead use a heavy-duty appliance lead that can carry the load.
  4. Don’t pull on an electrical cord to unplug it. Grasp the plug firmly and pull out straight so you don’t bend the prongs.
  5. Replace any cord or plug that is cracked ,melted or discoloured or feels hot to the touch when in use.
  6. Call an electrician if your lights flicker and your appliances run sluggishly, or if you have a fuse that repeatedly blows or a circuit breaker that trips often. These are signs that the system is overloaded.
  7. Don’t use a bulb with more wattage than a lamp fixture is rated to accommodate, or the unit will overheat.